Users can now use the Brave Payments system to reward their favorite Twitch creators with BAT. Users can either distribute contributions based on the time they spend on Brave watching a creator's live streams or by setting a fixed amount to tip. Prior to this, BAT could only be either be distributed on a domain-by-domain basis or by a YouTube channel-by-channel basis.

The content of individual Twitch creators all fall under the same domain and each piece of Twitch content has a unique and non-constant URL. A domain-by-domain basis doesn't work for Twitch creators without a custom rewards solution from Brave.

Twitch creators can only receive BAT payments if they register and verify with Brave.

Brave also announced that it will be topping up its current publisher referral program with a further $1 million USD worth of BAT. This referral problem encourages creators to get their audience to switch to the Brave browser. In exchange for switching, Brave Software rewards them with $5 USD worth of BAT per person.