IOHK Summit 2019 takes place on April 17th and 18th in Miami Beach Convention Center. Government ministers, industry professionals, Cardano fans were in attendance.

This was the first IOHK summit open to the general public. The two days of the summit were filled with talks and meet-ups, with renowned speakers such as computer scientist Stephen Wolfram and cyberpunk author Rudy Rucker. In total, the event had over 700 attendees.

The two biggest announcements were the unveiling of Atala, Cardano's new enterprise offering, and the first public announcement of the memorandum of understanding between IOHK and the Ethiopian government. Atala was previously named Cardano Enterprise. IOHK's director of engineering Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo outlines the fundamental vision for Atala as "[doing] for all data what bitcoin did for money". The IOHK-Ethiopian government MoU involves having IOHK design and create a cryptocurrency for Ethiopian citizens to transact with the state.

Other government officials in attendance include members of the Wyoming legislature and delegates from the Mongolian government.