The First Global Developer Conference of VeChain, VeChain Summit 2019, was held in San Francisco at the  Festival Pavilion in Fort Mason. The conference had over 350 developer and scholar attendees, and over 50 corporate and government representative attendees. The featured speakers include Luca Crisciotti , CEO of DNV GL Business Assurance, Dr. Dan Boneh, professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering of Stanford University, Sid Mofya , COO of Draper Venture Network, and many others.

During the event, Sunny Lu announced two new members of VeChain's advisory board. They were Masanari Koike and Antonio Senatore. Masanari Koike is a visiting fellow at Tsinghua University and a former member of the House of Representatives of Japan. Antonio Senatore is Deloitte Blockchain EMEA Blockchain Lab's global CTO.

Other notable news include the unveiling multiple one-stop enterprise-level blockchain solutions such as VeChain ToolChain, HSM Based Key Escrow Turnkey Solution, and VeKey Based Threshold Signature Turnkey Solution. The Deloitte Blockchain EMEA Blockchain Lab also announced that they have developed a VeChainThor Blockchain Explorer and Loki, which is essentially Truffle for VeChain. Truffle is an important smart contract development software for Ethereum. Loki allows multiple smart contracts deployment, configurations, transaction simulations, gas estimations, along with many other additional features.

The VeChain ToolChain, unveiled during the conference.