Jan 16th
BitConnect has long been suspected of running a Ponzi scheme and today has officially shut down its platform.
Dec 22nd
Charles Hoskinson appears in an interview with the popular financial media company, Real Vision.
Dec 19th
Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, posts a tweet containing a screenshot of a Reddit post in which he announces that he has sold all his LTC and donated the proceeds to the Litecoin Foundation.
Dec 18th
The Gui’an New Area is a unique economic-development zone directly controlled by the Chinese central government. VeChain announces that they are mandated to be the blockchain technology partner of the government of Gui’an.
Dec 3rd
The New York Times reports that President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela has announced on National TV that his government will launch of a cryptocurrency to fight against US sanctions.
Nov 30th
Burgeoning Chinese cryptocurrency exchange Binance lists ADA.
Oct 1st
Top US-based cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex lists ADA.
Sep 28th
Cardano's first main net launches. The main net is simplistic - it's centralized and there isn't staking and smart contract functionality. This marks the start of Cardano's Byron development era.
Sep 17th
Not much information is known about the VeChain ICO. There is little information on how much VEN was sold and how much money was raised. Several sources online suggest that this is the date the ICO started.
Sep 14th
Beijing-based cryptocurrency exchanges were ordered to cease trading and immediately notify users of their closure. This signals a widening crackdown on cryptocurrency speculation by the Chinese government.
Week of July 10th, 2017
Jul 12th
An unidentified man held up a sign saying “Buy Bitcoin” behind Fed Chair Janet Yellen during her testimony before the House Financial Services Committee.
Week of June 1st, 2009
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